How to Keep Your Hair Healthy During Summer

How to Keep Your Hair Healthy During Summer

Summer is here, and while it's beach and sun season, let's not forget to consider what our hair goes through! We all have a skincare routine that varies with the seasons, but why do we ignore our hair, which is just as exposed to the sun and easily damaged? That all stops this summer! The combination of UV rays, chlorine, saltwater, and heat can leave your hair looking dry, frizzy, and damaged. But not to worry, Princess has you covered with some tips and tricks to make sure your hair stays luscious through the hottest months of the year. 


1. Hydrate Your Hair With Deep Conditioning Treatments

One of the best ways to combat summer dryness is with deep conditioning treatments. Adding in extra moisture to your scalp will ensure that your hair is protected from its roots. Just like a plant, we have to be mindful of how much water our roots need. That also means staying hydrated by drinking PLENTY of water, which benefits not only your hair but your overall skin. 


If your scalp and hair is needing extra TLC, we offer deep conditioning services at Princess Threading Salon & Spa designed to replenish moisture, repair damage, and restore shine. These treatments penetrate deep into the hair shaft, providing long-lasting hydration and nourishment.


2. Protect and Nourish with Hair Oiling

Hair oiling is a time-tested method to keep your hair healthy and strong. At Princess, we offer a range of hair oiling services that use natural oils like coconut, argan and jojoba. These oils not only nourish your hair but also protect it from the harsh summer elements. Regular hair oiling can prevent breakage, reduce frizz, and enhance your hair's natural texture. 

3. Shield Your Hair from UV Damage

Just like your skin, your hair needs protection from UV rays. Our team at Princess recommends using hair products that contain UV filters. We offer a variety of sun-protective sprays and leave-in conditioners that create a barrier against harmful UV radiation. This simple step can prevent color from fading and keeps your hair looking vibrant. 

4. Trim Regularly to Prevent Split Ends

Regular trims are essential to maintain healthy hair, especially during summer. Frequent trims help get rid of split ends and prevent further damage. At Princess, our skilled stylists will ensure your hair stays in great shape with precision cuts that promotes growth and keeps your hair looking fresh. 

5. Opt for Gentle Hair Care Products 

Summer calls for gentle and hydrating hair care products. Avoid shampoos and conditioners with harsh sulfates and alcohols that can strip your hair of its natural oils. Try more natural products that will allow your hair to breathe and not weigh it down. 

6. Stay Cool with Protective Hairstyles and Avoid Hair Tools

Protective hairstyles can help minimize damage from sun, wind, and water. Braids, buns and ponytails are great options to keep your hair safe and stylish. It's hot enough outside already, so try to avoid hot tools such as blow dryers, straighteners, curling wands as much as possible to prevent even more damage. 

Don't let the summer sun ruin your hair and don't stop having fun! Whenever you need extra care for your hair or need products that can assist you, we at Princess Threading Salon & Spa are here to help you achieve and maintain healthy, beautiful hair all year around. 

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