Ready to get your eyebrows picture-perfect for any day? Our expert technicians will define your brows to your style and face. Walk out the salon with beautifully defined arches that will highlight your natural beauty.

Eyebrow Threading: $7

Men's Eyebrow Threading: $10

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Upper Lip or Chin

No more stubborn unwanted hair around your lips and chin! Leave the attention to detail to us and embrace your inner confidence.

Upper Lip Threading: $5

Chin Threading: $5

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Chin & Neck

Chin and neck threading is perfect for those who struggle with hormonal hair growth, allergic to waxing or who just want to feel refreshed. Our expert technicians will meticulously remove any hairs that can be seen and cannot be seen leaving you smooth and irritation free.

Chin & Half Neck Threading: $10

Chin & Full Neck Threading: $15

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Side Burns

Feel groomed and put together all time! Sideburn threading will sculpt your face for a more polished look. Ditch your razor and try this more gentle technique.

Side Burns Threading: $12

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Full Face

Get the full face glow up with our Full Face Threading. Our expert technicians will delicately remove all of your facial hair from your forehead to your neck to reveal your natural radiance. You will walk out feeling and looking refreshed!

Full Face Threading: $40

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Threading FAQ's

What is threading?

Threading is an ancient hair removal process that uses a thin polyester thread to remove unwanted hair from your face. This technique is super precise and perfect for any stubborn hair. The polyester thread is twisted and gently rolled across the areas where the hair needs to be removed by grabbing and pulling out the unwanted hairs from the roots. Threading is particularly a popular choice for eyebrows but can also be used for any face services.

Does threading hurt?

Simply put, YES. Threading can cause some discomfort but the pain level depends on your personal pain tolerance. Our expert technicians will do everything they can to make the process gentle and level out the discomfort as much as possible.

How long does threading take?

The time will depend on the service you are needing. Typically, eyebrow threading takes about 15-20mins and full face threading will take anywhere from 30-45mins.

What steps can I take BEFORE my threading appointment?

Grow out your hair: Avoid waxing or tweezing your face for at least 2-3 weeks before your threading appointment. This will help the technician to effectively grip and remove hairs the roots.

Exfoliate: Gently exfoliate the areas you will getting waxed a day before your appointment to remove dead skin cells and to prevent ingrown hairs.

Clean Face: Come to your threading appointment with clean, make-up free face. This allows the technician to remove hairs precisely and achieve the desired results. More importantly, a clean face helps reduce the risk of bacteria entering your open pores after threading, which could potentially lead to irritation and/or breakouts.

Communicate Preferences: If you have a desired way or shape you are wanting let our technicians know. We will be more than happy to accommodate your needs. You are the Princess after all!

If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to get in contact with us.

What steps can I take AFTER my threading appointment?

Soothe: Apply a cool compress to soothe any redness or swelling that may occur after threading. Our salon usually applies aloevera gel after your threading services to help minimize any discomfort. If you are allergic to any gels please let your technician know!

Minimize Touching: Avoid touching the threaded areas excessively to prevent irritation and potential breakouts.

Avoid Makeup: Avoid applying makeup or heavy serums to the threaded areas for about 24 hours. This will allow the skin to properly heal and prevent irritation.

Moisturize: Clean and moisturize the threaded areas daily with a a gentle, fragrance-free cleanser and moisturizer.

Sun Protection: Avoid excessive sun exposure for at least 24 hours after your threading appointment, as your skin will be more sensitive and could lead to skin irritation or sunburn.

How long does threading last?

It usually depends on your individual hair growth cycle. Typically, the results can last up to 3-4 weeks.

Also keep in mind that threading can slow down hair regrowth over time with regular sessions, leading to thiner and sparser hairs.